Gift Yourself Some Self-Care


We get good at taking care of others as mothers. As this happens we may stop taking time to gift ourselves some self-care. That pile of dishes becomes more important than our morning run. Maybe we might get in the bubble bath but then we find ourselves scrolling through parenting advice or kiddo project ideas.

I have found that taking some alone time as a mom comes in two parts:

  1.   Small and fairly quick daily steps
  2.   Long-term goals or projects that light us up

Daily Self-Care

A cozy corner

Find a cozy spot just for you. Try to take a few moments a day to sit by yourself. Maybe it’s someplace where you can look past daily messes. Maybe it’s just to the side where you know your little ones are safely entertained. Sip some coffee when you need a breather or take time to jot down 3-5 things you are grateful for each day. Truly this can be done in under 5 minutes.


Some things we really SHOULD do like skincare. So it makes sense to add some nicer rituals to this time in order to pamper ourselves. Try adding a guasha stone to your routine or step up your skincare game with a long-lasting and hormone-safe skin solution.

Paint your toe nails

Okay maybe not daily! But think about it, toenails are far more forgiving if you do need to jump up to rock a little one and they are less likely to chip in daily adventures.

Get your steps in

Cheer yourself on no matter how you are getting your steps in daily, but try to add a few fun things in even if the kiddos tag along. Go for nature walks or treasure hunts. Take some time to water your garden, skip the sprinkler, and take that time to enjoy nature instead.

Long-Term Self-Care

Start a garden

Pick a spot indoors or outdoors where you can start a little garden of joy just for you. Select herbs or flowers, whatever makes you happy!

Buy yourself flowers

Maybe actually starting a garden feels like too much, but you can still make sure your home gets those little corners of joy by grabbing a small bouquet as you run your daily errands. Better yet make an adventure out of it with a local “pick your own” location.

Relax with arts

Paint by numbers… yes for adults! This project is one you’re likely to finish as it takes deliberate dedication. If you’d rather be a bit more relaxed adult coloring books are always helpful too!

Peaceful and useful hobby

Take some time to learn to knit or crochet. If you need to start with something small granny squares can be useful around the house or kitchen and make great additions to toddler play collections.


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