Laurelle Farrell

Laurelle Farrell is a wedding and portrait photographer behind AR Images in Marlborough MA. She also provides photographic and strategic social marketing and web solutions for various small businesses locally and across the country. Laurelle is the co-owner of Timeless Bridal Creations which provides alternative bouquets and decor for brides to be. Laurelle lives in Marlborough with her husband Jon, daughter Amelia and pups Taylor and Bella. When she isn’t chasing her toddler around she can usually be found snuggled up in fuzzy socks with a good book, or enjoying her favorite ice cream.

Finding a Home for Arts and Crafts

We’ve all been there. We end up overstimulated and overwhelmed with all the kid's crafts not sure what to do with all of it. The paper playboat or kite that came home from a...

What’s Wrong With Right Now?

Adding "yet" to our thoughts can take us from feeling free to stuck. This simple word changes our idea of what being free to believe in someday is. Free to take those baby steps...

Gift Yourself Some Self-Care

We get good at taking care of others as mothers. As this happens we may stop taking time to gift ourselves some self-care. That pile of dishes becomes more important than our morning run....

Gift Guide For a New Mom

Do you have a new mom in your life that you want to do something special for? Are you looking for a new mom gift guide to help with ideas? Many times new moms...

Extra Special, Nothing Added Easter Cookies!

Nothing artificial for us this Easter! Well, on our Easter cookies platter anyway! We decided to give no added sugar, artificial coloring, or flavoring Easter cookies a try in maybe one of the trickiest...

A Dash of Ease, In The Kitchen With Toddlers

Toddlers are natural-born helpers in the kitchen, but it doesn't come with ease if we are not prepared to have them help. For many of us, it can feel like it is slowing us...

A Quiet Space For Your Toddler

In our household, I had to start pondering if we needed time-outs or something of that sort because of my toddler's emotions. After some thought, we knew that a quiet toddler space and time...
mom struggling with the 4th trimester

Dare I Say, 5th Trimester?

We don't talk about the 4th Trimester... or at least we didn't in the past. Thankfully my peers here at Central Mass Mom have begun to shed some light on this difficult and often...
fathers days gift ideas, a father and two daughters laughing and smiling

Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

It happens to the most thoughtful of us! At a certain point, our husbands and the first men we ever loved simply do seem to have it all! Our homes begin overflowing with the...
a man and woman looking at a pregnancy test struggling with infertility, the space we hold

Infertility, The Space We Hold

Anyone who has been inside my home knows that our walls are laid out into little vignettes of artwork. A honeymoon souvenir here. A set of picture shelves there. No exact theme in many...