Find Your Community as a New Mom


I don’t know about you but those newborn days were rough! For the first time in my life, I felt so alone. I had the love and support of my husband, friends, family, and of course, my baby. However, back in October 2022, when I had my first child, I had no idea that I would immediately feel so alone in my motherhood journey. I had so many pieces to my puzzle, but I was missing one important piece.

It took a few months for me to get out of the “newborn haze” to realize what I was missing. I was craving conversation, connection, community, and a shared experience with someone else that was a new mom – I needed a new mom’s group. A group of other moms who were going through the same stage of life as me.  As the days went by, I spent hours scrolling Instagram, as my little one was napping on me, and I stumbled upon many wonderful resources for this need of connection.

Insert a new mom’s group at the Supportive Mom Initiative.

Tina, the owner and facilitator of Supportive Mom Initiative (SMI) located in Central Mass, was sharing on her social media page how much she wished, in her early days of motherhood, that she had a “mom group” or a “village”. I connected so deeply with her message. I decided it was time to lean into my own needs, and I signed up for her next group.

Getting out of my comfort zone was not easy. I am a social person but in those newborn days, I found myself isolating at my house. It was where I felt the safest. If you are anything like me and thinking about how much you are missing some connection, please take this as your sign that it is time to find community.

I had a million thoughts flowing through my brain when I walked into my first day of the “Survival Troop” group at SMI. But it has proved to be exactly what I needed. It has been a reason to leave the house on Mondays and a stepping stone for many other connections in my new journey of motherhood. There is something so special about being in a room with other new moms and sharing our stories.

This group has taught me that getting out of my comfort zone (when I was ready – don’t rush it mama!) was exactly what I needed. It has helped me reach out to other new moms and “put myself out there”. Honestly, I have only received love and support during the process. Perhaps a “new mom group” or a “mommy and me” group isn’t your thing. I still hope you can find the connection you crave, whatever form it may take. You deserve to feel heard, loved, supported, and cared for. I promise your baby will notice and love you even more for it.


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