Manageable Chores for My Kids


I have a semi-Montessori approach to manageable chores for my kids in our home. We started chores really young. Honestly, the tiniest things, such as putting the cereal box back in the cupboard, or small ways to help them feel involved in the process of making meals. I love the excitement on their faces when they use the mixer or the pride they have when they help make the taco meat. Some other manageable chores we do are handing dishes from the dishwasher to me to put away, standing on a stool to empty the washer into a laundry basket, and even shoveling snow!

Why I think chores are important to start young

That said, I imagine that anyone who has ever had young children in their home knows that these activities take a lot longer when done with toddlers and preschool-aged children, even elementary school-aged children. But fostering independence young can help children feel as though they are contributing something to the household, even when that something is small. This can make them feel like they are valuable beyond everything we do for them. My children thrive on helping in the household.

Some of my kids’ favorite chores

Believe it or not, their favorite indoor chore is cleaning the bathroom which realistically is more of an in-between clean. I’m not having my children use bleach, but I will have them use child-friendly surface disinfectant wipes to clean the toilet and surrounding areas, as well as the sink. They also very much enjoy helping with their laundry. They have great fun pushing their clothes and laundry baskets down the stairs and putting all the laundry back in them. Only to bring it down the stairs again to the basement to wash it in the same manner. Then piece by piece they put one at a time into the washing machine.

Again, a bit arduous, but the way I see it, I am spending a lot of time with them doing this which checks a box for me. I am also training/teaching them to be reliant upon themselves and to be independent. As they grow, these things that take a long time now will take less time, and they will need less help from mom!

Some other household chores that we find manageable in our household for the kids to do include the following:

  • Cleaning up play areas
  • Putting dirty clothes into the hamper
  • Clearing the table
  • Bringing dishes and cups to the counter
  • Wiping around the area where we ate our meal
  • Setting the table for a meal
  • Assisting with the dishwasher (loading and emptying)
  • Raking leaves
  • Shoveling snow
  • Watering the garden during the spring and summer months
  • Watering indoor plants year-round
  • Chores they enjoy that involve our dog include: taking her outside, cleaning up after her on walks and in the yard, giving her food and water, and brushing her.

I see them being very joyful about all of these tasks, even the ones that we as adults procrastinate and avoid. When we started, it was just one chore that they were doing a day, sometimes not even every day. As they grow, so does the list. Because I believe that it is important to their development as they continue to grow.

Do your children do household chores? At what age did you start incorporating them into their routine? Did you start them young like I did?


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