The Birthday Party Invitation I Want to Send


You’re invited!

My baby is turning 2, and his mom hates throwing parties. So here is the birthday party invitation I want to send:

Please, no gifts. Please! Every morning when I walk into my home office, I’m reminded of all the toys and clothes that need organizing. I followed an influencer’s advice to rotate toys so my kids don’t get overstimulated. So instead, I’m overstimulated! As I check my email and review my to-dos, the baskets of balls, cars, trains, and reusable water balloons silently laugh at me. ”Ha! You’ll never get any of this done!”

If you want to help, what I could really use is an event planner! Someone to remind me to bring out the cake and sing Happy Birthday before everyone leaves.

The theme will be…sugar. And kids being kids.

There will be no goodie bags. So, please! Don’t bring a present and let’s call it even.

If you’re feeling stretched thin, like you just want a weekend with no plans, please say no to this invite! I won’t be offended – I’ll be inspired!

If you want to drop your kid off and go have 2 hours to yourself – GO GIRL, GO!

If you say yes, and then the morning of just would rather do something else or do nothing- GO DO THAT. Too many moms are silently suffering from exploding calendar syndrome.

I hate planning parties, but boy do I love my baby. He knows he’s loved. If all he got was a candle in his frozen waffle he’d feel like the king of the world. Can’t wait to celebrate him with you in whatever way you want to on his birthday.


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