Today Is The Childhood Our Kids Will Remember


I forget when or where I heard this quote, but I distinctly remember that it *stuck* once I did:

“Today is the childhood our kids will remember.” 

That’s it. It’s just that simple.

It’s not the big family trips (though, fun and expensive) or the super planned-out birthday bashes (though always themed and photo-worthy). It is in the everyday. The little moments when accumulated form the precious childhood that our kids will remember so fondly.

Does this make sense?

If not, think of it like this:

Their childhood will be… 

The smell of Sunday morning pancakes wafting upstairs tickling their nose.

The twinkling Christmas tree lights in the family room during movie night.

The fingerprints pressed on the windows looking at their first snowfall.

Puddle jumping and backyard swinging.

Rosy cheeks and sandy toes after a long beach day with friends.

The family cuddles on the couch in a sea of blankets.

Nighttime reads and sweet lullabies that leave everyone drifting off.

So, if you’re like me, putting pressure on yourself at times to make moments and occasions extra magical so your children will have the best childhood ever…

Here’s a reminder to be here now. These are the moments. These small, at times mundane experiences, are in fact, the foundation of a very memorable, very rich childhood your children will have for a lifetime.


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