My Toddler’s Favorite Toys & Why I Love Them


Like all children, my two-year-old daughter enjoys a variety of activities, one of which is playing with her toys. I love that she enjoys playing with toys that allow her to explore and expand her imagination.

Below are just some of my toddler’s favorite toys that also happen to be some of my favorites and why we love them:

My First Barbie: Preschool Doll

My daughter has two of these Barbies – Teresa and Renee. They are affectionately known as Barb and Barbara at our house. She loves to brush their hair, make them “walk”, and put on and take off their accessories such as hats and shoes. I love that they are larger (13.5 inches vs. 11.5 inches), more heavy-duty Barbies and their bodies are soft and pliable. Their outfits have velcro down the back to make it easier for younger children to dress and undress them. Typical Barbies are hard plastic whereas the My First Barbie has a silicone type posable body. The only downside to the body being soft is that she sometimes uses the arms and legs as a teether. My First Barbies are recommended for children three and older. They come with a large hairbrush, a small plush animal, shoes, and an accessory.

Kaloo Tendresse Doll

I purchased two of these fabric plush dolls – Perle and Manon – for my daughter when she was three months old. She has loved them and played with them ever since and snuggles them every night. I love that Kaloo fills the dolls with stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles, and they can be machine-washed! They also come in many diverse styles and sizes. The Kaloo Tendresse dolls are recommended for children ages birth and up.

Sarah’s Silks Play Silk & Mini Streamer

Finally, made from 100% silk, the play silk and mini streamer from Sarah’s Silks are two more of her favorite toys. She loves wearing the play silk as a cape, hat, or robe and floating it down over her like a parachute. And she loves twirling the streamer and dancing like there is no tomorrow. She does, however, sometimes like to hit with the stick part, so I make sure to observe her while she is playing with it. I love seeing her enjoy her open-ended play. She truly can do anything with these toys. The Sarah’s Silks play silks and streamers come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They are recommended for children ages three and older.

There is nothing better than watching your child play and enjoy what they are playing with because seeing them happy makes your mama heart happy too. What are some of your toddler’s favorite toys?


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