Simple and Powerful Gratitude Journal Practice For Busy Moms


I’ve always loved to journal. There’s something very therapeutic and meaningful to me about the process of writing. I’m sure you’ve heard how impactful having a gratitude practice can be. It’s become even more of an act of self-care for me to simply sit, breathe, and reflect in solitude, especially now as a mom of two young ones.

It can begin and end the day in a special way, and fill you with a sense of thankfulness that really pours over into many aspects of your day. It doesn’t have to be long or much, but what I’ve found to be true is, even if for just five minutes a day, it really shifts your mindset in the most positive way.

Here are ways to start your gratitude journal:

1. Find a spot that holds meaning for you. Maybe it’s on your bed, in a reading chair, outside, or even in a hammock. Make this your gratitude spot.

2. Have one gratitude journal you use for this practice and keep it somewhere handy like in your bag or at your bedside, so it’s a constant reminder.

3. If you’re forgetful (hey, we’re moms, it happens), set a reminder on your phone in the morning and at night to practice gratitude.

4. Every morning at your set time, sit for five minutes and answer these questions:
– What are three things I’m grateful for?
– How will I make today awesome?
– What’s my mantra/intention for today?

5. You can reflect on these words throughout the day and come back to them as helpful reminders, if needed.

6. In the evening, open your journal back up, and answer these three questions:
– What went well today?
– What goals and plans will I focus on tomorrow?
– How was today – great, okay, not so great?

Now at this point in the day, really take note of what’s coming up — emotionally, physically, and mentally. If the day was not smooth, see where you can perhaps turn things around tomorrow.

Here’s something fun to try, too! Sometimes I practice my evening gratitude practice with my husband, and we go back and forth in answering the questions. It’s always nice to see what sweet and unexpected things he’ll share. We always try to help each other see the bright side or how we can improve on things in our lives.

If you try this out, let me know how it works for you. Like anything, it takes time to really ritualize something new. Finally, I’d say give it a solid three months or so for this daily practice to be truly intertwined into your life.


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