First Day Ready Checklist


Every year it seems like summer slips away faster and faster! Do you agree? We are quickly approaching the start of a new school year, so we put together a first day ready checklist in hopes to help your family get prepared for your first day. Our goal is to help get us moms back into the swing of things with less stress!

Tips for your daily morning routine:

βœ” Make lunch, pack a snack and a water bottle the night before.
πŸ’‘ Tip: Include a first-day love note in their lunchbox!

βœ” Lay out clothes the night before and don’t forget the socks!
πŸ’‘ Tip: Include a light jacket & an extra pair of clothes in their backpack for any new PreK & Kindergartners just in case they need a change of clothes.

βœ” Make sure everything is labeled.
πŸ’‘ Tip: Avoid labeling jackets, backpacks, lunchboxes, or other items on the outside, with the child’s name or nickname β€” instead, try to label the inside of the lunchbox and on their water bottle.Stress less in the morning time:

βœ” Meal plan breakfasts for the week ahead of time!
πŸ’‘ Ideas: Over the weekend try to prepare quick and easy breakfast ideas like muffins, air-fryer pancakes, egg bites, or breakfast burritos for some grab-n-go options.

βœ” Make sure your alarm clock is set! And don’t hit the snooze button.

βœ” Include your children when packing their backpacks. Do it the night before and pick out the shoes they want to wear.
πŸ’‘ Tip: Look at the schedule ahead of time and make sure they are in the right footwear that need for school i.e. gym class!

Little things to make life easier:

βœ” Print your first day of school poster.

βœ” Set up a place to do homework. Make sure to have extra pencils, paper, scissors, glue, and crayons in one area!

βœ” Have healthy after-school snacks ready for when the kids get home.
πŸ’‘ Ideas: Some easy go-to’s are apple and PB, popcorn, hummus/carrots/celery or cucumbers, or a protein bar!

βœ” Create a visual to hang where the family comes together in the morning. It could be a morning checklist, so the entire family knows the expectations for a smoother morning! Even better is to have a weekly or monthly calendar depending on the ages of your kids that is easy for them to see. Smoother mornings happen when everyone knows what to expect for the day.

βœ” Read a special bedtime story the night before the big day
πŸ’‘ Tip: Check out our recent blog post with some awesome first-day-of-school book ideas for all grades!

We hope this little checklist helps you get ready for your first day!

Are you doing anything special for their first day? Leave your best β€œFirst Day Ready” tips in the comments to share with our community!


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