Easy Houseplants for Busy Moms


I’ve always loved having plants around our home, but I haven’t always been the best caretaker for them. Over the years, I’ve learned which easy houseplants can tolerate my busy schedule. I have even learned a few tricks to having a green thumb.

Studies have shown that being around plants can reduce stress, and anxiety, and improve overall mood. Having natural elements indoors can create a calming and relaxing environment, it can bring hygge to your home, which ultimately promotes a sense of well-being. Also caring for plants can be a very therapeutic activity. Believe it or not, most houseplants die from overwatering rather than underwatering.

Here are my top 5 easy houseplants for busy moms:


If you’re looking for more of a trailing plant, pothos is the one for you. Pothos is an excellent companion to a vintage-inspired macrame hanging planter. Perfect for that boho look. This plant likes to dry out completely between waterings and is typically happy if you water it every 7 to 10 days.

Ponytail Palm

The name says it all! The voluminous top looks like a sassy ponytail, you go girl!  A member of the agave family, which is native to hot and dry environments, the Ponytail Palm can go up to two whole weeks between waterings.

Yucca Plant

I love this eye-catching floor plant. A great way to add some drama to the corner of a room. It is native to the desert but these plants are very forgiving. They only need to be watered every 10 days to 2 weeks.

Aloe Plant

A great houseplant for beginners. It retains water in its leaves and stems so you only need to water it about every two to three weeks. You can actually break open one of the outer leaves and dab the gel-like substance on a mild burn for relief. It is an easy houseplant to have in your home for many purposes.

Boston Fern

This is one of my personal favorites. A bit more maintenance, but I do love their look.  Make sure to water this one regularly, but you must let the soil dry out completely first.  Once a week should do the trick. For an added touch every two weeks I mist the leaves with lukewarm water (not completely necessary though).

If you’re really bad about remembering to water, set a weekly reminder on your phone or a time block in your calendar. Choose a time of day that you can truly set aside and take the time to enjoy the process. I hope you find these tips useful in picking out some easy houseplants to add to your home!


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