Nicole Ethier

Nicole is a native Texan but has spent the last 20 years living in Massachusetts. She graduated from Wayne State College in Wayne, NE with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. Nicole currently lives in Grafton, MA with her husband, son, their two cats and dog. Nicole spent 20 years in the retail industry as both a merchandise buyer and manager of merchandise planning in Boston and Metro West. As the next chapter of her career, Nicole started her own real estate business as a Realtor at Lamacchia Realty. Nicole loves connecting with people and giving back to her community by serving on the Grafton Economic Development Commission. She loves nature hikes with her family and their dog Rocky, an 85lbs Weimaraner. When she isn't cheering on her son at a soccer, lacrosse or basketball game, you can usually find her at home gardening or planning out her next home project.

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Fashion Tips For Working Moms

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