The Benefits of a Nanny Share


Becoming a mother is an extraordinary journey filled with countless emotions and challenges. One aspect that often weighs heavily on many parents’ minds is finding the best childcare solution. When I was pregnant with my son, I joined a local moms’ group in the community where we lived at the time. After chatting with a few local moms, I quickly found out that securing childcare for when my baby was born was going to be more challenging than I originally thought. Aside from the financial consequences it entailed, I became aware that the majority of daycares in the area had lengthy waiting lists. The idea of using a nanny share sprouted from a desire for more personalized care for my little one, combined with the practicality of sharing the costs with another family.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of nanny sharing is the camaraderie it fosters.

Sue and I met when we were both pregnant with our first child through our local moms’ group. Our due dates were only a couple of weeks apart. We started our friendship by taking weekly Sunday walks together. We talked about becoming moms, our careers, and how we were raised.  As our friendship grew, so did the idea of nanny sharing. We decided our husbands needed to meet. After a successful double date, we decided to embark on this journey with excitement and the hope of creating a supportive village for our babies to grow in. The four of us drafted a job description for our ideal nanny, and we posted it on a well-known childcare site.

From the very start, Claudia felt like the perfect match.

Our goal was to find someone who had the right skills, but who also aligned with our combined family values. Upon our initial interview with Claudia, her profile perfectly matched our ideal criteria. What particularly caught my attention during her interview was a simple statement she made. She did not merely want to fulfill an employee role. Her goal was to belong to a family.

The daily routine was a pillar of stability.

We all believed that a consistent routine was of the utmost importance. Claudia not only embraced this idea but thrived on it. Everything from synchronized nap times to balanced feeding schedules. Claudia’s commitment to maintaining stability in our children’s lives was evident from day one. We had an unparalleled feeling of relief and gratitude that came with knowing our children were being cared for with such dedication.

While a stable routine was a strong foundation, the world beyond the walls of our homes was equally important.

Claudia’s commitment to enriching outings broadened our children’s horizons in ways we couldn’t have imagined. From library visits for engaging reading sessions to trips to the children’s museum for hands-on learning. These outings fostered a love for exploration, ignited the babies’ curiosity, and provided social interactions that were invaluable for their development. She also went above and beyond by integrating cultural festivals, local events, and community gatherings into the babies’ lives.

Creating our nanny share experience provided us with a trusted childcare solution.

It also expanded our support network as new parents. Undoubtedly rewarding, it was like having an extended family. We had a network of trusted allies who understood the intricacies of our daily lives. Claudia transformed our children’s early years into a mix of wonder, exploration, and growth that we could have never imagined. The bond we formed with our nanny share family will always hold a special place in our hearts.

My Tips for a Successful Nanny Share

Having an open dialogue with regular communication with the other family and your nanny is crucial. Discuss expectations, routines, and any concerns openly to ensure a harmonious experience.

Make sure to have a clear agreement. Draft a comprehensive agreement that outlines schedules (including time off for your nanny), responsibilities, and financial arrangements. Having everything in writing minimizes misunderstandings.

Be prepared to be flexible. There will be changes in schedules. Nanny sharing requires flexibility to accommodate, not only both families’ needs but also the needs of your nanny.

Celebrate the milestones together. From birthdays to first steps, sharing these special moments with another family and your nanny creates lasting memories for all.


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