5 Ways To Create More Hygge In Your Home


Cozy. Just that one word alone fills me with pure comfort and ease. In our home, we toss that word around a whole lot. I find my toddlers settle into me the second “cozy” leaves my mouth. Then, smiles brush across their tiny faces, and they get completely lost in the moment of just being totally supported.

We live in the type of home where our “house clothes” get put on the second we get in. You know, the kind of clothes you just want to hang in. We treasure our “lazy” nights in. We hold our cups of morning coffee with loving hands and slide into our slippers and float around like we’re on clouds.

Have I helped set the scene for you?

What I’m getting at is… my family works to create a real sense of “hygge” in our own home because it truly brings all four of us such contentment. If you’ve never heard of this term before, hygge (pronounced HOO-gah) is a Danish word meaning “a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable.”

Here are some easy ways you can create a sense of hygge in your home:

1. Light a candle, or two… or three.

If you’re a candle-lover, well, then you already know the ambiance that’s created when you light a candle. Try making it a ritual for yourself to light a candle each night.

There are many other ways to create a comfortable atmosphere that is similar to lighting candles… one of my other favorites is sitting by a fire or running my oil diffuser.

2. Dress in total comfort.

Ditch your jeans and anything with buttons or zippers. This is the time for sweatshirts, baggy tees, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks. Nothing should feel uncomfortable.

How dreamy does this sound?!

3. Get out all the blankets.

We have thrown all around our house, draped across chairs and on our beds. That added layer of soft warmth feels so good at the end of a long day, cuddled up with a book or show.

My Barefoot Dreams blanket feels like a literal, well, dream.

4. Enjoy a warm drink or meal.

Whether it’s tea, coffee, chai, or water with lemon, sitting and reflecting with a toasty beverage in hand can feel super therapeutic. The same goes for nourishing, rich foods. Try having soup, casserole, or stew. Hearty, comforting meals like this fill you with coziness.

When you’re enjoying your food and drink, try to do so mindfully. Enjoy every bite slowly, and with gratitude and intention.

5. Power down the devices.

Want to really feel a sense of calm? Try going device-less for a bit. Give yourself a small goal like “Every night at 8 pm, I put my phone in the dining room for the rest of the night.” BE in the moment with your friends and family. Listen and converse and laugh and engage. The texts and scrolling can wait. These quiet moments can’t.

Bliss can be found inside the walls of your own home. You don’t necessarily need to venture out to a spa or hop on a plane to an exotic destination to find yourself a little zen (though, hey, that sure can be nice) because you can create it.

What are some ways you create hygge at home? You may have never even stopped to consider it, but I bet there are a couple of things you do daily that bring you joy like this! I’d love to hear from you and add some new ideas to my growing list.



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