Easy At-Home Workouts for Busy Moms


Finding the time to work out on some days can be downright impossible. Between daycare drop-offs and pickups, working, running kids to after-school activities, staff meetings after work, cooking dinner, and just all the small things in between there just are never enough hours in the day. Getting to the gym more and moving my body has become a wonderful tool for me to connect with others while becoming a healthier and stronger mom. While I may not get to the gym daily, there are a lot of easy at-home workouts that I can do.

Below I have come up with a list of resources that you can use to get that easy at-home workout in as a busy mom:

Virtual / On Demand Classes

COVID shutdowns had numerous drawbacks, but virtual opportunities to work out have really improved since then. If going to a gym or having the feel of a gym is something you’d like at home look to see if a local gym has virtual or on-demand classes! I’m a fitness class girly and this option is a game changer for me as a mom. Weights and machines don’t motivate me the same as classes do. I love having the option of joining virtually when getting to the gym isn’t an option, or popping on the on-demand library to take a class if a morning workout is easier to accomplish. I attend Fit Friendzy in Shrewsbury, and there are options to build your membership from strictly virtual to full in-person to hybrid options. Look to see if a local gym around you has this option!

Streaming Services

We all have them, and now they can be part of your fitness routines as well! If Netflix is on, look up the Nike+ workouts. This provides access to 30 hours of exercises ranging in intensity and experience level. You can start with intro classes on the basics, choose a workout based on the time you have (10-30 mins), or off the workout you’re looking for (HIIT, Vinyasa Yoga, Bodyweight Burn, etc). Netflix is usually always on, and I love having the option to pick a workout based on my mood or time needs!


Another amazing way I’ve found to get a quick and amazing workout is by searching YouTube! Most TVs have a YouTube app built into it, and now we can put it to good use. I’ve used POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube while pregnant (they have a series for each trimester), postpartum, or just because I’m awake at 5am and have time to sneak in a 30-minute workout! There are TONS of videos out there on YouTube that will meet your needs, and even some yoga series moms and kids can enjoy together (Cosmic Kids Yoga – IYKYK).


Again, something we all have about a million of, apps! Both on your phone and your TV depending on the workout you’re looking for. The weather may not be amazing outside, but there are amazing apps for running and outdoor walking. When I was training to run a 5k I loved the Couch to 5k app (also available in 10k as well). It made building my stamina for running a breeze. It provides days to run, and days off, and also allows you to stream a podcast or playlist while running the app. The app cues you to run and walk, which makes it nice to not just jump into running. There are tons of apps like this that can even have you running from a zombie apocalypse if that’s your thing.

I also loved the Peloton App to stream workouts and use for guided walks. I’m lucky to live near hiking trails, and in the summer when the kids are either asleep early mornings or at daycare, I love using these and taking a solo walk. Some apps combine walking with motivational podcasts which is another great tool.

Work From Home Options

Before you think I’m crazy, hear me out all you work-from-home mamas! If you’re looking to step up your game, there are TONS of equipment out there made for the office (both in person or home office). If you have a standing desk (which has amazing health benefits) you can also try an under-desk elliptical to help keep you moving. Again, there are plenty of options and price points depending on your needs. If standing desks aren’t your thing, you can also look into ellipticals made for under the desk. These are a great option if standing for long periods isn’t conducive for you, or if you just prefer sitting while working.

At Home Equipment

If you’re thinking of investing in some equipment to have at home, there are so many things out there available to you! We’ve always had a treadmill. Recently we got rid of ours due to the space it took up to store it, but we found an easy-to-store and use at-home rowing machine. I loved the full body workout this provided, the quietness made it easy to work out while everyone was asleep, and folding it up made it easy to store in a closet out of sight!

Some other basic equipment to have at home are some weights and resistance bands. A yoga mat is also nice to have to lay on if your floors are harder, and it helps you from sliding and slipping around depending on the movements you’re doing! There are so many brands on Amazon and beyond depending on the price point you’re looking to stay with. I’ve used a super cheap yoga mat and a pricier one, but it all comes down to preference.

I hope some of these options help find the time for you to move your body during the day! What are your favorite at-home workouts? Make sure to share with us @centralmassmom to give some more options!


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