10 Christmas Stocking Ideas for Dads


Men are so hard to shop for. This has to be a fact, but the only fact more true is how thankful we are for the men in our lives. So this Christmas season, I have gathered some of my favorite smaller gifts to gift to Dad in his stocking so he feels the love and appreciation. 

Here are 10 Christmas stocking ideas for dads that are smaller gifts at various price points to show Dad that we care:

Song Art 

Your first dance or a song dad always jams out to with your little one can lead to a variety of song art pieces. A quick search on Etsy brings up so many fun ways to showcase any song that means something special to him.

Audio Art 

Turn music, your words, a favorite movie line, or even your child’s laughter or heartbeat into a cool abstract art piece. This type of gift can be achieved at almost any price point with options to print at home or on various materials. You can even include a QR code to play the sound back for years to come.

Morse Code Bracelet 

A subtle gift for Dad that can showcase so much. From a child’s name, an inside joke, or a sweet note he may not want to show the world. This is such a sweet way to get a little mushy without the world knowing.

Probiotic Complex

This is the multi-tasking skincare essential that dad can savor for a no-fuss facial mask after an absolutely amazing aftershave. It packs a punch with medical-grade ingredients without any overpowering fragrance.

Shower Steamers

Shower steamers have to be the male equivalent of bath bombs, right? There are many scents out there that are on the masculine side. I thought these coffee-scented steamers were a great and unique find!

Happy Place Mugs 

A reminder of places you have been or places you dream of. Mugs may be the last thing any of us need, but come on…these are so sweet!

Beard Oil

I’m honestly glad to be writing this in as I haven’t ordered any yet! This is a staple in my husband’s stocking yearly. Many Etsy shops sell little sample kits so you can get a variety without breaking the bank for him to try.

Adventure Cards

Simple joys to enjoy solo, with kids, or as a couple! I have attached a link to the adventure challenge (we love their books and advent calendars) over here, but a quick search on Etsy will also lead you to many customizable options for anything that sparks joy for Dad!

I Love You Because Books

Fill these books in from you, the kiddos, or both! 

Custom Spoon 

What does Dad love another secret scoop of? Is it ice cream? Maybe, it’s peanut butter? Custom spoons are the perfect gift to give a Dads to showcase his special treat.

Are you adding any of these ideas to your gift list for dad? Are there any stocking ideas for dads that we forget to list? Let us know in the comments!


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