Baby and Toddler Gifts with Longevity

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There is a funny time between the ages of one and three when we start to worry that our children will outgrow the gifts under the tree before the last snow of winter. And because of that, we tend to stress over what is the perfect gift for this age group. I have gathered some toys that make the perfect gifts with longevity for babies and toddlers. 

Here are some toys I would recommend gifting that keep longevity in mind this holiday season: 

Little People Big Yellow Bus

Three stages of learning, fun, and music. This toy starts off as some fun lights and can transition into a pull toy when appropriate. With its multiple levels and plenty of seating for Little People’s friends, you will stay in your rotation long into toddlerhood.

Step2 Kitchen Set

In our home, we brought the kitchen out as soon as our daughter was steady on her feet.  This set has plenty of space for creative play at all stages and lasts for many years.

Baby Einsteins Piano

This piano has multiple modes allowing for creative play and composition as well as playbacks. The adorable sheet music struck us as flimsy at first but three years in and it’s still going strong! The sheet music contains colored notes that align with the piano keys allowing for color, pattern, and music recognition as older children play the songs.

Sensory Bottles

We filled a variety of sensory bottles with different sounds shakes and colors. Our most popular have been glitter, beads, and tiny toy trains. Our glitter bottle remains in our quiet time basket and sensory bottles can be a great addition to a potty training space.

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

This water table is one of the perfect gifts with longevity because it’s format adds some height and dimension.  It is double-sided for multiple children to play and have fun even when smaller children are more focused on the bottom layers. The older children can explore how moving the components alters play and more!

Ikea Trofast Bins

These collapsible bins are designed for Ikea FLISAT children’s tables, however, there are many other options for sensory tables that will fit, and there is no reason not to use them on their own! They are perfect for filling with sensory items for any age. There are many Etsy vendors that provide inserts for the top for counting, tracing letters, and beyond.

Fisher-Price Little People Serve It Up Food Truck

My daughter loves this fun and interactive little people set so much that it always blows my mind. It’s the perfect add-on if you just need one more thing under the tree or a smaller gift for a niece or nephew. You can find it at other stores, but I swear this bargain of a toy is always under $10 at Target.



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