Valentine’s Day – In Our Toddler Girl Mom Era

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Valentine’s Day has always been nice, but it certainly was never my favorite day of the year. The pressure for a fancier date night immediately after work, and what on earth to buy for gifts. Then I became a girl mom. These past couple of years have totally changed my perspective. On our second Valentine’s Day as parents, my husband gifted me a t-shirt that said “My Valentine calls me Mama” and it’s truly one of my favorite things.  For right now Valentine’s Day is all pink, tutus, glitter, and joy.

Here are a few ideas I have gathered to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the little ladies who bring so much joy to our mama’s hearts:

Friendship Bracelets

Thank you T-swizzle! The best recommendation I can give for these fun bracelets with names and sweet sentiments is to source letters separately from the beads to not run out of commonly used letters quickly. Beads can be found in round and square and come in many colors and styles. Feel free to “elevate” your pieces with some upgraded beads too!

Make a Dessert

Homemade or store-bought (we won’t tell) simple donuts are the base for this activity. Toss on some sweethearts and add letters using an edible marker. 

Garland Everywhere

DIY or stop into that super fancy $1 section at your local Target.  We like to embellish clothes pins with heart stickers and attach felt hearts all along with some simple kitchen twine.  This year we may even add onto our still hanging dried orange slices that I have deemed to be “Winter” decor.

A Tree for Love Day

I have a whole blog on this one, but it’s worth mentioning.  We keep a very small fake Xmas tree up year round and decorate it seasonally.  For Valentine’s Day, we have an assortment of pink bulbs and garlands as well as homemade salt dough hearts.  I love making ornaments outside of the Christmas season.  It just feels like less pressure to me.

Fun Playdough Goodies

Keep your little ones busy with heart-shaped cookie cutters and dough. You can also find sweet little kits that are ready to go with heart shapes on Etsy or other shops.

Valentine’s Houses

Leftovers from Christmas or graham crackers and icing can be paired up with a special trip to your local penny candy store for Valentine’s house decor. Target and local art stores also have premade kits for most holidays, but I love making a little date out of grabbing the decor with my daughter.

Fancy Dates

Get dolled up for hot cocoa or milkshakes for a fun afternoon date with your little one. Bonus points for embracing all of the pink this season!

Simple but Joyful

Stock up on some smaller fun non-edible treats for this season. Heart-shaped sunglasses, fancy gloves, and even a heart-shaped wand.



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