Spring Activities for Toddlers!


If you are looking for fun Spring Activities for toddlers, then this post is for you. I’ve rounded up some great ways to pass an afternoon and keep everyone smiling while you do it!

toddler digging in the dirtYard Clean Up and Gardening

This isn’t a fun activity for many people, but kids love being outside, so it’s a win for me! My son enjoys helping pick up sticks and branches that have fallen or sweeping off our porch. I’m excited to get my spring planters and I can’t wait to involve my son in potting the plants. Having your kids help with household tasks is a win-win, you’re knocking stuff off your to-do list, and they feel part of the project, AND it teaches them responsibility!

Butterfly-Sponge Painting

For a rainy day activity, I recently started using household kitchen sponges for my son. I put a rubber band around the middle of the sponge, dip in paint and press onto paper! You can marbleize the paint colors you use, or have your kiddo add more paint after you stamp, but it’s so fun to see how creative they get. It’s also great because you can cut the rubber band and wash out the paint and use the sponges again and again! These make a great Mother’s Day or Easter craft too!

Scavenger Hunts

We create a list of things I know I’ll see on our walks or in the yard. This helps keep my little one excited and interested. Depending on their age you can make it more challenging or use different names for different flowers you might see. For my 2 year old, we keep it pretty basic (find 5 rocks, find a stick, pet a dog, etc…). The options are endless and you can change the items on your list every time you go outside!

Tower Hill’s Daffodil Field

We love Tower Hill, and the daffodils are one of my favorite things to see. There are thousands that bloom and the sprawling field of yellow blossoms are just an incredible sight to see. This happens in early spring, make sure you check their website for the exact timing of the blooms.

Playground Hop

Before the summer sun hits us, I like to visit different playgrounds. We love Dean Park in Shrewsbury and Blithwood Park in Worcester. But I always check with other local moms or use the Playground Buddy app to see what other spots we should check out, we’ve found a few of our favorites this way!


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