Our Favorite Christmas Books

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In our house, nothing kicks off a new season quite like digging out books to go with it. As we wrapped up Thanksgiving, we neatly placed all the books about turkeys and acorns and gratefulness back onto the shelf. Next, out comes the Christmas books! While the bookstack tower is tall, there are a few stories that stand out as our favorite Christmas books year after year. I hope you find a new favorite or two for your own family this Christmas season!

Our Favorite Christmas Books

Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas
by Julia Rawlinson (Author), Tiphanie Beeke (Illustrator)

I first fell in love with Fletcher in the autumn book called, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. Something about this endearing little fox has just really drawn me in. My preschool-aged daughter, in particular, really enjoys reading about Fletcher’s adventures.

Pick a Pine Tree
by Patricia Toht (Author), Jarvis (Illustrator)

We love to read this book the night before we go pick out our tree for the holidays. While it is a Christmas book, it isn’t overly focused on the holiday itself, but rather about the joy from a family tradition. It sparks excitement in all of us as we read the book and imagine our own upcoming adventure.

Construction Site on Christmas Night
by Sherri Duskey Rinker (Author), AG Ford (Illustrator)

A little bit of Christmas magic touches the construction site that kids have come to love from other books in the series. Sweet pictures and words combined with classic construction vehicles make this a perfect fit for the truck lover in your home!

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas
by Alice Schertle (Author), Jill McElmurry (Illustrator)

I love reading all of the books by Alice Schertle in the Little Blue Truck series. The words have a wonderful cadence to them and are written in such a way that I don’t mind reading the stories over and over to little ears. This is a great book to read in a cozy, dimly lit room as the last page features a twinkle-light surprise that will be sure to wow your kiddo.

How to Catch an Elf
by Adam Wallace (Author), Andy Elkerton (Illustrator)
How to Catch Santa Claus
by Alice Walstead (Author), Andy Elkerton (Illustrator)

These are just two of the many books in the “How to Catch” series. They are cheeky little books about kids trying their hardest to catch the mysterious holiday creatures known as elves and the big guy himself.

So much of the holiday season is about rushing from event to event, endless gift-giving, and other stresses. But there is something so special and grounding about having these books to look forward to each year. Finding time to gather together and share these favorite stories with my family can really slow down the madness of the season.

Let me know which books are your family’s favorites!



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