Maggie Calvetti

Maggie has called Ayer home for over a decade after originally coming to Massachusetts from Syracuse, NY for college. She lives there with her husband, their two kids and two dogs. You can find her out hiking (okay, nature walking) on local trails, kayaking on one of the many local ponds and lakes, or visiting a coffee shop or brewery. Maggie enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and loves finding ways to be engaged in the local community, from coaching soccer to volunteering in the school library. She also likes supporting her husband's business, Still River Financial Planning, on the social media front. A big part of Maggie's story is being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24. While she is many years out from her diagnosis and cancer free, it will never stop being a defining part of her life (and she is always happy to support anyone going through it - seriously, please reach out).

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