My Favorite Valentine’s Day Memories


Before I met my husband, Brian, I was not too fond of Valentine’s Day. I thought it was commercialized, over the top, and terribly obnoxious for single people. However, after meeting him, each year has been special in one way or another. In honor of this year being our seventh Valentine’s Day together, here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories.


Brian and I met in January 2018, so our first Valentine’s Day was very memorable. He invited me to his house for dinner. When I arrived, I was surprised with a dozen roses and a sweet card. He had made an interesting yet delicious baked pasta – funnily enough he had run out of pasta sauce and substituted salsa, so it had a little “kick”. Because we were still getting to know each other the conversation was a little slow at times, but the little things he did to make me feel special along with the memorable meal made Valentine’s Day 2018 one of my favorites. Brian and I now have a running joke every time I make baked pasta – usually something like “This could use some salsa”.


This particular Valentine’s Day memory saw us in the thick of fertility treatments. For anyone who has done them, you know it is not the most fun thing. You feel confined to a rigid, stressful schedule – going to appointments, logging cycle days, taking medication, etc. – and there is not much flexibility. However, Brian and I were able to go to a local restaurant to celebrate. The food was amazing, and we were able to relax a little and feel like we were doing something “normal”. This day was also memorable because of how the restaurant set up for social distancing. Each table had a clear plastic divider between them making the atmosphere feel a little sterile (both literally and figuratively). Although it was a different experience, it was great to make happy memories during a difficult time.


I was in the hospital for Valentine’s Day 2022, but it is probably my favorite because I became a mom. My induction started on February 12th, and after a very long labor and an emergency caesarian section, my daughter was born on February 14th. She has been the best Valentine I could have ever imagined – she is the sweetest, most loving little girl. I now love Valentine’s Day even more than I ever thought possible, and celebrating her birthday is incredible!

Having gone from not celebrating Valentine’s Day while single to celebrating in a HUGE way every year is marvelous. I cannot imagine my life any differently. February 14th has become so special to our family, and I cannot wait to create more Valentine’s Day memories each year!


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