A Mom’s Review of Sensory-Friendly Clothing

Clothing items were generously provided by Sense-ational You for review. The opinions expressed are our own.

Shopping for your kids’ clothes can sometimes be a struggle, especially when your child needs sensory-friendly clothing. So many of the companies out there don’t think about all the things these kids can sometimes take issue with. When you don’t have the knowledge or the experience of a child with sensory needs, little things that are normally just part of the process – but are actually important – can often go overlooked. These are the things we special needs parents think about and are constantly looking for in quality clothing. Luckily, Sense-ational You also thinks the same way we do!

This online boutique gained the knowledge it needed from its infield, hands-on work with children on the spectrum while building and creating its brand. Having volunteered with her local autism preschool and working as a special education para in autism classrooms, it’s safe to say that founder, Julia DeNey, gained the wisdom needed to take on the task. These clothes are stylish and constructed with the needs of these kids sewn into every piece.

As a mom to a nonverbal autistic 5-year-old, it’s extremely reassuring to know companies like this one are out there. From their prompt delivery to the quality of the material used that can withstand my extremely active child’s lifestyle. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that this company not only knows what they’re doing but genuinely cares about the comfort and well-being of its customers. Having put so much love and thought into every step of the process, Sense-ational You truly is a dream come true to the community they serve.

So Long Buttons and Zippers!

Most brands use both of these when designing their jackets and pants. Not this one! They are fully aware of the fine motor challenges some kids encounter when performing daily tasks such as getting dressed. The simple solution was elastic waistbands and magnetic closures. This helpful switch makes putting clothes on a much smoother and less trying task.

Sound Reducing Hoodie

For a more inconspicuous solution to overstimulation caused by noise, a sound-reducing hoodie is genius. This uniquely styled cover-up is made with specialized materials used to help block reverberating decibels and high-frequency noises.

Compression Lined T-Shirt

If your child is constantly looking for that squeezing sensation, this one is a game changer. An adjustable compression shirt helps to regulate the increase or decrease of your child’s sensory needs. Along with their sensory-friendly T-shirt, this duo will become a regular go-to.

No More Tags or Bumpy Seams

Irritating tags and raised seams can sometimes be a trigger to anyone who is having sensory issues. By creating flat seam lines and removing those annoying tags, they’ve eliminated all worries of possible meltdowns over engrossing sensations.

Sense-ational You makes adaptive apparel for autistic children who need help regulating so they can be successful across different environments and gain independence. Unmet sensory needs and sensory overload contribute to an inability to focus and learn in school, as well as a variety of upsetting and disruptive behaviors, including aggression towards oneself or others. Sense-ational You’s sensory clothing helps solve this problem through hidden functionality so that all children can have the confidence to be themselves.


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