Letting Go of the Productivity Guilt


No matter what category of ‘mom’ you fall into, we all have an immense amount of responsibility, busy days, checklists, and I can guarantee some guilt towards not being able to fulfill all the things on our to-do lists.

Productivity hasn’t always been an issue for me, but the guilt I carry totally is. I feel guilty when I can’t meet the tasks to the expectation or when I don’t spend enough time with my kids because I am tied up in the 80 other tasks I need to get done. Most days I feel like a failure because I don’t think I am productive enough because I didn’t cross off my to-do list.

Until I realized that it wasn’t that I wasn’t doing enough,
it was that I had too much on my plate. I bet you can relate.

mom multitasking with kids, mom guiltThat was when I knew I needed to make some changes to our days. This way I could keep doing the things that I love to do.

Here are just a few ways that have helped me lessen the guilt, find joy in the chaos, and increase productivity in motherhood and work life.

Block Scheduling

First things first, buy a planner. Then learn as much as you can about block scheduling. I homeschool my children, but I also work remotely, and out of the home, so I needed something that helped me stay on task but left me with some flexibility. It works great for my kids’ homeschool schedule as well. I love using Canva to create new schedules with backgrounds and fun photos for all of us.

Add a “Yes Day”

As a homeschooling mom, I realized the first thing I had to do was give us a four-day school week. I work on the weekends so I was burnt out not having a day for fun or to use as a catch-up day. This isn’t possible for everyone, but for us, it has done wonders. I have noticed a difference in my productivity (and with my kids also) knowing that one day a week is a designated day of fun.

Non-Negotiable Me-Time

Self-care is so important. It can look different for everyone. I created what I call non-negotiables. For me, they aren’t anything fancy (they could be), but they are things I need to do each day for myself. I need to have time to get ready for the day. That means shower, hair, makeup, get dressed. The second non-negotiable for me is a workout. Lastly, I need time either reading or spending a few moments by myself outside. I found with just these small changes I am a happier more motivated mom.

Cleaning Schedule & “Tidy Up” Times

Creating a cleaning schedule that fits your life will keep you on track. It will lessen the big messes by staying on top of the smaller ones. Another tip is to add  “tidy up time” throughout the day especially if you have kids home. Randomly throughout the day we take 5-10 minutes and tidy up what we aren’t using or playing with anymore. This way by the end of the day the house doesn’t look like a tornado came through.

Lastly, I changed the way I looked at each day. I look at every day as an accomplishment now instead of adding up my failures. I always joke, but in all seriousness when someone asks how I am I always reply with – I woke up today. I give every day my best even on my worst days, and I have had to learn to give myself grace when I drop the ball on something.

Just remember at the end of each day to be kind to yourself.


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