5 Reasons to Go to the Movies By Yourself

Photo by Karen Zhao on Unsplash

There’s no doubt that going to the movie theatre is an enjoyable experience for all ages. It’s an activity that has been around for generations. The giant screen, high-quality sound, comfortable seats, delicious snacks, and good company – or no company.

As a child, you go to the movies with your parents. As a teen and young adult, you go with friends or for an awkward date. As a mom, you take your kids or have a rare night out with your spouse. Regardless of the company you choose, you silently sit facing forward in the dark – which makes movie-going the most antisocial social activity on the planet. So why do we force the group hangout? Why not go to the movies by ourselves? As moms, we crave time for retreat, even if it’s only for a couple of hours. If you’re on the fence or afraid to look like a loner, here are some reasons why you should go to the movies solo.

It’s budget-friendly. The cost of movie tickets has skyrocketed in the last decade. With a ticket cost of $10-$15, it costs upwards of $50 to take a family to a matinee (and that doesn’t even include the popcorn!) It’s simple math – one ticket is more affordable than five.

You don’t have to compromise on movie choice. You’re in the mood for a rom-com but your spouse thinks movie theatres are better suited for action films. Your kids want to see their favorite Disney princesses on the big screen but you’ve been dying to see Natalie Portman’s latest drama. Not today, mamas. You get to choose your feature film and no one else’s opinion matters.

There are no distractions. Since cell phone use is prohibited, you’re free from that addicting screen for the duration of the movie. The man’s voice in the previews told you to silence your ringer and the light of your screen would be annoying to fellow movie-goers. There is no other choice but to ignore your phone’s existence for a couple of hours.

You don’t have to share your popcorn. No need to pass the popcorn or split the Skittles with your children. You can even place the snacks to the side for a bit without worrying that someone else will eat it before you’ve had your share. These snacks are all yours.

If the movie is boring, take a nap. This is a worst-case scenario. Nobody likes spending hard-earned cash on a bad movie. However, many would happily spend hard-earned cash on an uninterrupted nap. Your snoring will be masked by the movie sound. You’ll be gently woken up by the soundtrack of the ending credits.  Did I say this is the worst-case scenario? This actually may be the preferred scenario.

The next time you’re able to carve out a few hours for yourself, think of these reasons and head to the movie theatre. Let us know what movie you saw and how it was!


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