5 Baby-Friendly Wineries In and Around Central Mass


Pre-baby life, my husband and I wouldn’t think twice when picking a winery to visit, but with our infant, times have changed and we now look for baby-friendly wineries that have easy parking, shady areas to sit in, ample space, and bonus points if they have food or a food truck so we can eat! 

Below is a list of wineries that have all proven to pass the positive baby vibes and qualify as baby-friendly wineries:

Agronomy Farm Vineyard (Oakham)

This winery is very much baby-friendly! They have large yard space for families to spread out and let the kids run around. They have a small area of covered seating with trees where you can find shade. They have tables outside, but I recommend bringing some blankets and your own chairs – just in case it is very busy that day. They also have a small deck with some seating as well. Make sure to check their Instagram for when they have a food truck on site or be prepared by bringing your own food if they are not serving that day. I suggest picking up some sandwiches at Palmas Bakery in Worcester! There is plenty of parking, and it is stroller friendly. They have wine and ciders to pick from and a small selection of crackers and cheeses. Bonus points: it is a nice drive from Worcester!

Black Birch Vineyard (North Hatfield)

Okay, this winery is not in Central Mass, but hear me out! It is well worth the trip to visit. It is a smidge over an hour’s drive from Worcester (we take the Mass Pike to get there). If your baby is anything like ours the humming of the highway always puts him to sleep and that means a well-rested baby for the winery visit! Score! 

Another reason why it is worth the trip is because Black Birch happens to be my favorite wine. It’s so delicious! They have a very large yard space with spread-out tables and a patio. There is nice indoor seating that is stroller friendly. Like many other wineries, I suggest bringing your own chairs and blankets because it does get busy on the weekends. The Laughing Tomato (mobile artisanal pizza) is usually on site on the weekends, but they are currently away until the fall (check their social media accounts for updated information). 

Nashoba Valley Winery (Bolton)

This winery is so popular (and for good reason). They have food on site and many wines to pick from along with beers and other beverages. It is a great location. When my baby and I visited, I made sure it was on a quieter day because it can get very busy. They have a patio you can sit on and plenty of yard space with picnic tables. Recently, they opened up a whole new tasting room! This winery is baby-friendly because it is a great place to visit with an infant since they do not run around… yet! 

Hardwick Winery (Hardwick)

Did someone say “wine slushies”? Hardwick has delicious wine slushies that I enjoy while walking around with my baby in his stroller. They host craft markets from time to time that are fun to check out and see the local offerings. They have indoor and outdoor seating and recently opened up their new pavilion. Each time that I visited, they had a couple of food trucks operating, but again please check their Instagram for more information. There is plenty of parking, and it is baby-friendly. It is a wee bit outside of Central Mass, but it is worth the drive.

Decanted Wine Truck (Hudson)

Okay, Decanted is not a winery, BUT they serve delicious wines and love serving the Central Mass area (and beyond!). I had Decanted at my Baby Party (shower), and they were a HUGE hit! They have different packages to pick from. At my party, we had a few wines and a couple of beers along with a mocktail. They do showers, weddings, retirement parties, girls’ nights, and so much more. They also have ticketed events that you can attend. I am adding Decanted to this list because they are a delight! The ladies pouring your drinks will certainly put a smile on your face! Check them out next time you are hosting a party! 

As I navigate my first year as a mama, I continue to learn that I can still indulge in many things I enjoyed before my sweet baby entered my life. I liked wine before having a baby, and now it tastes even better! Find something that brings you joy today, and if it is a glass of wine – check out one of these local gems! Cheers! 


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