13 Ideas for Toddler Girl Easter Baskets

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Easter happens to be at the end of March this year. It is sneaking up quickly on many of us! So I have put together some ideas for toddler Easter baskets for girls. Toddler Easter baskets can be super fun to put together, but it can also be stressful figuring out what to put in them, especially for toddlers.

Below are 13 ideas for toddler Easter baskets for girls ages 2-4:

Surprise Mini Barbie Bags

These sweet little bags hold two pets each. The bags are compact enough to have on hand for restaurants and other activities. These sweet pets served our household well even before we introduced Barbies for play, and of course, they fit right in with our ever-growing collection.

Easter Egg Set

These eggs hold the same types of surprise animals as the bags above. The combination makes for a fun theme between items that may be in an open basket and non-food eggs to hunt for.

Barbie Cutie Reveal

These animal-themed dress-up Barbies come in large and small sizes. There are a few bags of supplies in tiny bags within each set that reveal components of a spring animal costume for Barbie.

Disney Doorables

These tiny Disney-themed characters are always a fun surprise. These also have an egg version for your hunt!

Timber Tots & Tiny Sets

These fun woodland animals come in playsets as well as fun tiny sets. They are perfect for when you just need a little something extra. They don’t officially have eggs prefilled but they do have little multi-animal packs that you can easily DIY with.

Magnet Tile Add-ons

These tiles make for fun themes add ones for any magnet tile sets you may have.  They can also be used alongside Duplo playsets.

Classic Card Games

It may be time to re-learn how to play old maid! Go fish is a frequent ask in our house. This kit contains 3 classic card games for kiddos to enjoy.

Magnet Puzzles

These fun puzzles are a bright and colorful addition to any Easter Basket.  They will serve you well for any upcoming summer travels!

Stepping Stones

It is a larger gift, but Easter can be a great time to incorporate this find if balance or obstacle course playthings have been on their list. These stones are colorful for multipurpose matching and exploring play and could make a great addition to any egg hunt. Follow the rainbow stones!!

Thomas the Train

With or without the official tracks these trains bring lots of joy to our home.

Tea Cup Pileup

So fun for spring! This colorful teacup game is officially a relay race game. Still, it adapts nicely for younger or solo players as they learn about patterns and balance teacup upon plate upon teacup in whatever pattern their card shows.


These toddler-size Legos come in so many fun kits for all interests. These smaller add-on kits are perfect for any Easter Basket.

Lisa Frank Stickers

Gift a little bit of our childhood! This pack is chock full of many colorful animals and rainbows.

*Mom tip* When we receive stickers or crafts themed for a holiday I like to take some out for now and pack some away right on top of a box of decor for that holiday to be enjoyed for longer and not used up in one sitting. 


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