Restorative Yoga at Muscular Connections Recap


We had a relaxing & restorative evening at Muscular Connections!

After we did our first yoga class with Ashley at Muscular Connections, we just knew we had to do another one! This time we switched it up and held an evening class. The class vibe was set with the windows slightly opened to let the cool spring night air in, the lights turned dim, essential oils diffusing, and soft relaxing music playing.
Ashley Daige led a 75-minute Gentle Yoga class with a restorative finisher. With over a decade of experience in holistic modalities, Ashley has honed her expertise in stress and anxiety management. Ashley helped each of us get comfortable with the right amount of blankets or blocks or both throughout the class and provided modifications when needed. During the restorative part of class, she walked around and provided each of us with reiki.
At the end of class, we all felt relaxed and rejuvenated. I needed the gentle stretching a little more than I realized, and honestly, almost fell asleep from the state of deep relaxation that I was in! Before we all headed home, we chatted about all things motherhood from gardening to grocery shopping to simple things like ages of children and where we all lived!

Events can feel stressful to attend alone, but they can be so much fun especially when they are activity-based. In this case, not only did we get a mom’s night out, but we also had a great yoga class to destress from a busy week and set us up for a wonderful weekend!

Stay tuned for more events with Central Mass Mom here.

Muscular Connections

Muscular Connections is a unique center offering the freedom of movement through clinical massage, stretch therapy, yoga, wellness, and community. We offer massage, yoga, Barre, Pilates, stretch therapy, workshops, events, and other trainings. One of our core beliefs is that freedom of movement and optimal flexibility are at the start of every journey to achieving wellness. With that in mind, it is our mission to be inclusive of everyone at any stage of their wellness journey. Whether you’re just starting out or advanced, we have something for you here.


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