Mom’s Night Out at Pepe’s Dolce Bar AGAIN Recap!


We had another great mom’s night out at Pepe’s Dolce Bar!

Once again, Kate Hayes and Flannery Audebrand, both Central Mass Mom Contributors and Certified Coaches, kicked off the evening with some prompts to encourage quality conversations. These ladies bring such a valuable skill to our Mom’s Night Out, helping the room go beyond the water cooler talk, and really diving into conversations that friendships are built on.

Kate and Flan opened the event by asking everyone to share a word to describe how they were feeling at the moment. The room ranged from exhausted, to excited, and everything in between.

We came together to end the evening by sharing something we learned tonight, or something we didn’t expect about the evening. I loved hearing the connections people had made and the stories shared.

I want to give a special shoutout, once again, to the mamas who came alone. That can feel a little scary sometimes, but I’m so glad you did! These mom’s night out events are the perfect place to meet new friends!

Pepe’s has a super fun drink menu with specialty cocktails, appetizers, and desserts! You can also order takeout from Pepe’s Italian Restaurant right next door and eat it inside the dolce bar.

Pepe’s will be donating 20% of food and beverage sales to Abby’s House. We are excited to support this wonderful organization!

Pepe's Dolce Bar

Pepe’s Dolce Bar is an extension of the beloved Pepe’s Italian Restaurant, a family-owned business which has proudly served the Worcester community for 15 years. This charming new bar carries a beautiful mix of drinks, desserts & appetizers. Desserts are provided by the renowned Modern Pastry, a cherished Italian bakery in Boston.  Their sweet treats and savory delights embody the essence of authentic Italian flavors, crafted with love and passion by the Pepe’s family.

Abby's House

Abby’s House is nonprofit organization that provides shelter and affordable housing, as well as advocacy and support services, to homeless, battered, and low-income women, with or without children.

Abby’s House has helped more than 15,500 women and their children reclaim and rebuild their lives, empowering them to lead self-directed lives filled with dignity and hope.


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