Mom’s Night Out at Dragonflies and Amber Recap!


Our Mom’s Night Out at Dragonflies and Amber was a night to remember!

It truly was a beautiful and enjoyable event from start to finish! Dragonflies and Amber opened their studio exclusively to our Central Mass Mom community for the evening! Many of their teachers/practitioners were there offering their services to try. Each guest had the opportunity to try something, if not everything, that was offered. In addition to the studio being open, we also had use of the halls, so we had ample space for the activities. Some businesses located on the same floor also stayed open for us to check out. 

Being a mom can bring lots of stress, anxiety, and frustration. We have all been there – stretched to our limits and feeling overwhelmed. Every once in a while, moms need a night out, and it is even better if it provides time for relaxation. This event provided just that.

After checking in, we were greeted by the Dragonflies and Amber staff. At this table, we signed up for individual activities. The staff helped us choose which activities to sign up for such as reiki, hand reflexology, and card reading. We also had the opportunity to participate in large group sessions like EFT tapping, drumming, sound baths, and glassware painting.

The evening flew by as we noshed on light bites, refreshments, and delicious desserts from local restaurants and bakeries. We conversed with the teachers and practitioners and met with other local moms. Over the span of three hours, we had time to not only try all the things they offer, but we also had the opportunity to gather together, laugh, and get to know each other better.

Many moms mentioned how relaxed and revitalized they felt at night’s end. One mom mentioned feeling nervous to attend her first CMM event, not knowing if it would be awkward, but was so relieved when she arrived and felt welcomed, and at ease. Overall, it was a fabulous experience! We all left with a renewed sense of purpose and our light shone a little brighter than when we arrived.

We absolutely can’t wait to team up with Dragonflies and Amber again for another Mom’s Night Out!

We want to send a special thank you to the food vendors because the food was delicious! Thank you to Grille on Main and Whip It Good Baking located in Douglas, and The Neighborhood Kitchen in Whitinsville.

Dragonflies and Amber

The intention of Dragonflies and Amber is to make a positive difference in the lives of the people who seek our services. It is our belief that the services offered are our way of sharing the gifts we have been given to aid the lives of all the beautiful souls we are blessed to have crossed paths with. Dragonflies is committed to offering a safe and welcoming place where practitioners, teachers, and clients can find peace.  A place to find balance in a hectic world.
Whether through a holistic treatment session, intuitive reading, discovery session, class, or personal event; Dragonflies and Amber is a place to re-balance and grow the wonderful soul that you are!

Energy Healing
Reiki Master
Star Resilience
Multi Dimensional Quantum Practitioner
Sacred Drummer
Reiki Healing
Integrated Energy
Spiritual Advocate
Master Energy Healer
Akashic Records
Sound Code Therapy
Energy Healer
Jewelry Maker
Reiki III
Master Sound Healer
Oracle Card Reader
Essential Oils
Reiki Practitioner
Hand Reflexology
Vision Boards
LOA Coach
Art Therapy
Zen Practitioner
Intuitive Channel
Card Reader
Energy Healer
Energy Healer
Card Reader
Intuitive  Channel
Grief Support
Life Transition Advocate
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Spiritual Guidance


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