Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts


I love doing holiday-themed crafts with my kids! Their memory boxes are already filling up with assorted drawings and pasted-together cards. While sometimes I have a specific holiday craft in mind, other times I want to give my children the experience without creating too much of a burden on myself, either. You know what I mean; some days you’re the “I can make my own Play-Doh” mom and others you’re looking up the earliest Target pick-up window.

Here are some of the best options for when you want to have the holiday craft experience with your family without feeling like you bought an entire Michael’s store:

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Salt Dough Hearts

These salt dough hearts would make for a great activity on a winter afternoon! With not much prep (or cleanup!) involved, you can focus on the experience with your kids. These would be a great classroom Valentine gift as well, especially if you have a food-free celebration.


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Tissue Paper Sun Catchers

Do you remember making these sun catchers? I sure do. I thought they were the most beautiful works of art! It turns out, they’re actually pretty easy to pull together from items you can most likely find around your home. Make one for a family member to put in their window at work and be reminded of their little one throughout the day!



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Bird Seed Treats

Does your little one have an affinity for the natural world? Then perhaps they’d like to whip up some valentines for your backyard’s feathered visitors! These bird seed treats are a fun hands-on activity for all ages.



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Valentine Slime

Do you allow slime in your home? Ooh, Mama, more power to you! This make-your-own Valentine slime will surely win you some serious popularity points on the playground.



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Shaving Cream Marbled Hearts

This craft involves making marbled art with foamy shaving cream so it doubles as a fun sensory activity! Remember, messy is FUN! These would be a great gift for a long-distance Valentine because they fold up easily to fit in an envelope! Grandma will be so pleased.


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Cotton Ball Stampers

Forget cleaning up paintbrushes, this painting activity uses cotton balls on clothespins as stampers! This is an activity that cleans up quickly yet will keep your little ones involved for as long as you’ll let them go! Win/win.



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Salt Dough Footprint Hearts

This one appeals to my mama heart – I love keepsakes! This salt dough craft preserves their sweet tiny feet for all time! Swoon.




No matter how you celebrate with your little Valentines, you’ll be sure to enjoy the time spent together! Do you like making holiday crafts as well? Which of these ideas appeals most to you?


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