Caroline Dettman

Caroline Dettman
Caroline is a married mom of two; an infant daughter and toddler son. Living out her dreams as a stay-at-home-mom, Caroline loves being able to raise her own family in the same MetroWest area in which she was born and raised. Having always enjoyed writing, Caroline spends nap time posting on her blog, Caroline in the Suburbs, and contributing here on Central Mass Mom. She is a big sports fan, especially hockey, and has adopted her husband's hometown football team, the Packers. Caroline loves meeting and networking with fellow area moms, exploring new playgrounds and favorite walking trails, and an enormous chai tea latte.
mom holding her nerborn, wondering, is my family complete?

I Will Always Want One More … I Think

I am blessed and lucky enough to have two children. A son and a daughter. Do I want a third? Or is my family complete? I will always want one more...I think I've asked my friends...

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5 Things to Leave Behind in the New Year

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Giving Back as a Family this Holiday Season

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10 Holiday Attractions Worth the Drive

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