Daycare Was the Right Choice for Us


Our daughter started attending daycare at three months old. My husband and I both work full-time, but I work from home two days a week. So we thought our best option was starting her out three days a week keeping her home with me the days I worked from home. However, as she grew, we thought she might benefit more from attending full-time. At fifteen months she transitioned to four days a week and at eighteen months she moved into a new classroom five days a week. Convenience, education, and socialization were just a few of the reasons why daycare was the right choice for us.


Our daughter’s daycare is a mere seven minutes from our house, on our commute route. The facility is open from 6:45 AM to 5:15 PM and accepts infants through preschool-aged children. They also offer a summer program for school-aged children. We are excited that she can grow through their program until she reaches school age.

It is also one of the more budget-friendly daycares in the area. When I was about four months pregnant, we started checking out daycares. Suffice it to say, we were quite shocked when we saw some of the rates. Thankfully, we found out that her daycare was opening up a new location and were able to pre-register her before she was born!


Another reason we decided daycare was right for us was not only our desire for someone to “babysit” her but also for a teacher to educate her while she was there. Since she started daycare, each of her teachers has provided age-appropriate learning opportunities ranging from art projects to books to sensory play. Now that she has moved to the toddler classroom, her teachers, one of whom is certified in American Sign Language, have provided her with more opportunities to learn to become more independent and grow her language and communication skills. She has grown so much since she advanced to the toddler class.


Our daughter is one of the most well-rounded and sociable children. She interacts extremely well with children and adults alike. Sending her to daycare has given her more opportunities to interact with other children and learn things like sharing and taking turns.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, there have been days when it has been difficult to send her to daycare. For example, when illnesses are going around. Last year, she had Covid, RSV, Hand Foot & Mouth, the stomach bug, and strep throat. But I know that she is building her immunity. Some days, I feel guilty for sending her to daycare. Especially when I work from home and wonder if she would be better off staying home with me. However, I know Lucy is receiving more attention, care, and education at daycare than I can give her while working at the same time.

I have nothing but the highest praise for stay-at-home parents. But I would never change our decision to send our daughter to daycare as I know she is receiving the best care and will learn and grow so much during her time there.


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