Creating New Traditions for the Holidays


CanceNew Holiday Traditions | Central Mass Mom2020 sure has been a year to remember. And now, we are being told to limit our gatherings for the holidays!! All of our family traditions are canceled this year. While this is sad and very hard to handle, I choose to be optimistic! I am committed to ending this unusual year with new traditions to celebrate with.

Each year there are usually a lot of gathering around the holidays. This year is presenting some changes that have a lot of people wondering, “What am I supposed to do now?” I have been working on some ideas to help us get through the holiday season with as much cheer and joy as we can.

New Tradition Ideas

Holiday Movie Marathon

Let each person in your family choose their favorite holiday movie. Gather together on the sofa and binge-watch them all together! Pop some popcorn, grab some holiday cookies from the store, order pizza. Whatever you all decide to do, do it together and make it special!

Christmas Morning Neighborhood Walk

After all the hustle and bustle of unwrapping gifts, head outside! Bundle up and head outside for a special Christmas morning stroll. Wish others you see a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday. Let the kids run off some energy, play in the snow, and explore your neighborhood with the spirit of the holidays on your heart.

Holiday Gift Making Day

Spend some time with your kids making handmade holiday gifts for family. Maybe you do something simple. Have your child draw a picture for a relative, or make a wrapping paper collage. Or maybe you go all out and do some DIY projects together. Whatever it is, have it be something from the heart! And send your gift in the mail. Receiving a surprise gift in the mailbox is a special occasion for everyone. Be the reason they smile when they open their mail!

Host a Zoom Holiday Party

Set up a time for your family or friends to gather on a Zoom call and celebrate together! Make a theme of it. Wear holiday pajamas, have your holiday mugs out, host an ugly sweater party. Whatever it is, make it fun! Let the kids get involved, sing songs, play games. While we cannot gather together in person, we are still able to gather together virtually. Let’s all be grateful for the technology we DO have, and use it to make this holiday a little different and a lot special for years to come.

Visit Nursing Homes/Senior Homes

We might not be allowed to go inside to see the people, but we can probably sing to them from outside! Call a local nursing home/senior home and find out how you can gather safely, from a distance outside, and sing to the people inside. Make posters, wear holiday clothes, dance around while singing. Make this a holiday they will remember too!

These ideas will never replace our special traditions. And we will always remember them and want to celebrate those moments with our loved ones. But I am hoping these ideas help to make some new traditions. Ones that you will take with you every year and add them to those special moments you already have to celebrate with.

From my family to yours, happy holidays, and here’s to an amazing 2021!


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