Celebrate Father’s Day on a Budget


Let’s be real everything is so expensive nowadays, that it takes the fun out of getting gifts for others, at least it does for me. Over the last few years, we have decided not to give each other gifts on holidays like this instead we spend the day together as a family. For Mother’s Day, I picked a nice hike in Rutland State Park to see the old prisons (a week later than planned thanks to a busy soccer weekend), and for Father’s Day this year, my husband decided he wanted to spend the day at home. We haven’t had many of those recently so I thought it was perfect. We have a pool that we can all lounge in and maybe pull out some cornhole and have a fire on the back deck with s’mores. Simple, but perfect.

Here are some things or ways that you can do with the dads in your life to celebrate Father’s Day on a budget:

Father’s Day Crafts

A homemade craft from the kids is always a hit with Dad. Our Father’s Day Printables are filled with coloring and activity pages that you can print and do with your kids or head to Pinterest to find some great easy DIY crafts.

A Day by the Water

This is my favorite way to celebrate any holiday. We love water in our family. Spend a day by a local pond, or lake, or go a little extra further to enjoy the ocean. Make a pit stop at a playground on the way so the kids can burn some energy. Some lakes or ponds have canoe or paddleboat rentals. These are reasonable to add to your day and still stay within budget. We are lucky to live within an hour or so from some of the most beautiful beaches, but we also have some great recreational areas with lakes right here in Central Mass. Maybe he likes to fish? Grab the fishing gear and surprise him with a day of fishing.

Go for a Bike Ride or Hike

Why is it that Father’s Day falls in the most gorgeous month of the year? Mid-June could be cool enough for a bike ride or hike, but still a beautiful way to celebrate Dad. Since these are free activities, you could save up to celebrate the end of the ride or hike with some ice cream at one of the best ice cream shops in Central Mass or grab the ingredients to make sundaes at home.

Make His Favorite Meal or Drink

I understand not everyone is a great cook, but trying to replicate his favorite dinner or drink will either impress him or bring on some epic laughter. Involve the kids in making the meal for him to make it extra special. Pick his favorite. It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even dessert!

It doesn’t have to be expensive, and you certainly can celebrate Father’s Day on a budget. We can show the dads in our lives just how much we love them by spending time with them and doing the things they love. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


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