Best Stroller-Friendly Running Trails in Central Mass


Long before I was a mom I was a runner. It’s a part of my identity that I hold on to fiercely. I’ve never run for a school or a team, but I’ve run with my closest friends and family, and truly hope it will always be something I do. When I was pregnant I took finding a jogging stroller as seriously as buying a car seat. I wanted something my daughter could use for years. Something that would be as comfortable for her to ride in as it was for me to push.

Massachusetts is home to all kinds of running trails. From the Cape Cod Rail trail to Memorial Drive in Cambridge to the Esplanade in Boston. Runners have so many to choose from. Central Mass is also filled with running trails that are stroller-friendly. They are a perfect place to run, walk, jog, and stroll with your kids. Many of them are great for little kids to ride bikes next to you while you run and some allow dogs! They are often in wooded areas which capture the beauty of Central Mass. From lady slippers and salamanders in the spring to shade in the summer, to the impeccable foliage in the fall. These paths are such a beautiful place to move your body and enjoy the fresh air.

Here are the best stroller-friendly running trails in Central Mass:

While my running identity has shifted since becoming a mom, since I now run with a lot more stuff. The love I have for the sport has only grown. As mothers, our bodies do absolutely incredible things and a postpartum PR is the best kind of PR. Happy running!


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