Softball Lessons I Take Off The Field and Into Motherhood


I have played softball for as long as I can remember. I began playing T-ball at a young age and continued to play softball in adulthood in a women’s league. It is a great stress relief for me and so much fun. Until recently, I never realized that some lessons I learned on the softball diamond I can also carry with me into motherhood.

Here are some of the softball lessons I take off the field and into motherhood:

Keeping on after striking out

Motherhood isn’t easy. And for me, hitting in softball has always been a struggle. There were quite a few strikeouts on the field. But even after striking out, you continue to get up to bat, make adjustments, and keep swinging. The same goes for motherhood. If you have a hard day, or if something doesn’t go your way, you don’t just give up. If you’re attempting potty training and the child isn’t grasping the concept, don’t give up. Try different methods until you get something that works for you.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Softball is 100% a team sport. There’s a team of women on the field working together for one common goal – to win the game and of course have fun. In motherhood, it takes a village to raise a child. You do not have to do it alone. You have your partner, maybe your parents, and even your friends to help you through the difficult journey. Rely on your team to help you out of jams and to pick you up if you need help. I certainly wouldn’t have survived without my team on and off the field.

Homeruns versus base hits (big vs. small wins)

On the softball field, while I am up to bat, I am swinging for the fences most of the time trying to hit out of the park. I had to learn that base hits are just as helpful and effective as hitting a home run. The same goes for motherhood. Small wins, whatever they may look like for you, are just as exciting and make you feel victorious as the big wins.

Accepting when someone else wins

On the softball field, the main goal is to win. In life, everyone wants to be successful in what they choose to do. But sometimes, you have to lose to get that victory. The important thing in any losses you endure is to be a good sport and cheer on and support your peers. If they beat you on the field, shake their hand at the end of the game and say good game. If a fellow mother experiences an event that they’re excited about, or if their child hits a developmental milestone before your child, congratulate them and tell them you’re happy for them. There is no need to feel inferior or that you’re failing. Supporting other people’s wins will make you feel like a winner, too!

Playing softball is my favorite pastime. I look forward to playing every year. The genuine camaraderie of the team is my favorite part. Some great friendships have come from the teams I have been on. I also love how the lessons on the field relate to my life as a mother. What are some lessons you live by in your life? What lessons can you take from your hobbies and apply to motherhood?



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