Breaking Up with Social Media


I have been thinking about breaking up with social media for a long time, and I know I am not alone in this feeling. There have been many times when I wish I didn’t have a phone attached to me because I sometimes let myself get caught up in comparing myself to other mamas on social media. Having social media at our fingertips all the time does not help with the comparison game, and if we let it win, it can suck the joy right out of motherhood.

We are all trained to think that what people post is real, but reels are just shots of the good parts strung together. We’re so quick to think that posts are people’s everyday lives, but they were meticulously curated for that moment. We can find ourselves thinking there isn’t a place for us, but the truth is, there is always space for you, and you were created and gifted as the mama you are for the babies you have. 

Mama, please remember you are doing an amazing job, and
don’t let any social media account tell you otherwise.

Below are just a few strategies that I have incorporated into my everyday routine to help decrease my social media usage (as my daughter would say, get off my phone). Each of these tips have helped me find joy in motherhood again by letting go of comparison and being present in the moment with my family.

Delete the notifications

Whether you choose to silence the notifications or delete the app itself – both can be beneficial. I felt like the world was going to set on fire if I didn’t get back to a message quick enough, so I started silencing my notifications. When that didn’t work, I deleted the apps from my home screen. This way I can fully engage in the present, cherish those moments, and enjoy time with my family without the distraction of the “ping” noise.

Stop sharing the intimate moments

Slowly, I have learned how intimate moments can stay on social forever. By intimate, I mean your child’s birth, their first steps, or even a family vacation. Those moments are not just for you, but they are also your children’s core memories. When we stop sharing those moments, we start enjoying being present in them more, and we respect the healthy boundaries of not letting everyone in on every little detail of our lives.

Trim the Feed

Unfriend, unfollow, and block the negative. ‘Bless and block’ is what I like to call it. Your feed should be a place filled with things that spark joy and make you smile like following Central Mass Mom (shameless plug right there). I highly suggest making pages private, if you can. If you have a business account, I recommend that you filter out followers occasionally.

Introduce Black Out Times

This has been essential for my breakup with social media. Creating healthy boundaries by setting up consistent times where I put the phone down, or even set it in another room so that I can be present. It is incredibly important, not only for yourself but for your relationships too. Another great tip is to buy an alarm clock (which I still need to do). This will eliminate scrolling first thing in the morning.

Now my challenge for you is to use some of these tips to break up with your social media. Try to find that spark in motherhood again by letting go of the comparison game. Your messy day may not look like someone else’s reel, but I can assure you that more often than not, their mess is hiding behind their camera.


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