Amy Williams

Amy Williams was raised in Fitchburg, MA and has been living in the burbs outside Milford, MA for nearly 10 years. Amy is a mom to two littles- Melody (2019) and Atlas (2022), who along with their Plott Hound Carl, keep both she and her husband on their toes. Amy is a licensed mental health counselor and business owner, specializing in trauma healing for women and adolescents ages 16+. You can read more about her therapy practice, Felt Sense Psychotherapy at Whether she's tending to her garden, hiking local trails with her family, or (her favorite!) exploring by sea on her Stand Up Paddleboard, Amy truly believes there's nothing better for your mental health than connecting with nature.

The Impact of Informed Consent

After my first pregnancy, I remember schlepping myself and my breastfed baby to my six-week postpartum appointment at the hospital an hour away. This way the doctor could check things out, give me some...

Opting Out of Sleep Training Baby #2

Sleep training. A supercharged word in the minds of sleep-deprived parents. This is a story of why I decided not to sleep train my second child, as I had with my first. A decision...

Supporting a Physiologic Birth

It wasn't until after my first baby was born that I heard of a 'physiologic birth'. I came to understand this birth process through hypnobirthing. It seems to me that education for women about...

Distress Tolerance Strategies for Overstimulated Moms

When I gave birth to my second child, little did I know the new challenges I would face. As time passed, I found myself touched out and overstimulated with the addition of a new...

How to Regulate Your Children’s Emotions and Nervous System

We've all been there. On your last straw of the day when suddenly your child decides now is the time for a meltdown. Losing your patience in these moments happens - no one's perfect....

Teaching My Child Discretion through Body Boundaries

I deeply believe that the world is good. Yet, I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge the pain and suffering that’s seemingly ever-present in our society. As a former child welfare social worker, I had many...

The Blessing of Hypnobirthing

We all dream of a peaceful birth. One where we feel empowered, respected, and surrounded by only those we wish to be around. Unfortunately, for many of us, that is not the case. I had...