Thanksgiving Movies for The Entire Family


I don’t know about you, but once November 1st hits we are all about the Christmas decor, music, and movies. As much as I adore Christmas movies, we are trying to focus on spending time as a family watching movies filled with family and gratitude this Thanksgiving season. We are taking this time to teach our children about what it means to be grateful for what we have.

Many of you may feel like I am… stressed and burned out just from the struggle of everyday life – never mind the season that is upon us. So, we are trying our best to make family time the most important time of this season. It is incredibly important for us to teach our children about gratitude at an early age. Research shows how being grateful and working on gratitude leads to true happiness, so why not start teaching our toddlers and children while they are young?

Some of the movies on this list are throwbacks to my childhood, so Mom and Dad don’t mind watching and reminiscing. I find myself filled with joy and gratitude after watching a classic like Beethoven. It always reminds me of the simplicity that life once was as a kid. I hope you find yourself filled with joy after watching some of these movies this Thanksgiving season with your families.

Below is the list of Thanksgiving movies in alphabetical order for the entire family to enjoy together this season:

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – Apple TV
Addams Family Values – Paramount+
Beethoven – Amazon
Benji – Netflix
Cheaper by the Dozen – Disney+, and Starz
Chicken Run – Netflix
Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Thanksgiving Parade – Paramount+
Free Birds – Amazon
Home Alone – Starz
It’s a Wonderful Life – Prime
Little Women (1994)
– purchase on Amazon
Mary Poppins – Disney+ and Amazon
Ratatouille – Disney+
Remember the Titans – Disney+
The Blind Side – Disney+
The Little Rascals – Netflix
The Polar Express – Max or purchase on Amazon
The Princess Switch – Netflix
Up – Disney+ and Amazon
Yes Day – Netflix

Are we missing any of your favorites this year? If so, make sure to leave them in the comments!


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