Daycare in the Summer Even Though I Am Not Working


Everyone has started asking me the standard questions about my summer plans as the school year starts to wind down. Some are even more baffled when I respond with a smile that my children will be in daycare. It’s taken me a long time to be okay with sending my children to daycare in the summer while I am home, but I’m here to take the stigma away for anyone else in this position.

Here is why my children are going to daycare in the summer while I have time off from work:

I Have To Pay

Starting off strong with the most logical reason for sending my kids to daycare: cash money baby! I am still responsible for paying to hold their spot regardless of keeping my kids home for the summer (or even dropping days). Yes, we’re a two-income household, but let’s not forget how expensive everything in life is currently. Daycare is no different. If I’m sending money weekly, my kids will be there.

Occasional Work Days

While I may not need to work every day, I do still have to work over the summer. This past school year, I left the classroom and became an educational team leader. I traded my curriculum books for meeting notes. Now I run all the IEP and 504 meetings for the building I work in. Part of my contract is working additional days in the summer to make sure all paperwork is sent out, and starting a little bit early to get set up for the year. 

Also, Massachusetts is switching to a brand new IEP format this year (if you’d like a post about the changes let me know) which means additional work. I’ll be working over the summer in person and at home to make sure all of the teachers are ready to go when we start in the fall with the new changes. Having my kids in daycare in the summer gives me the flexibility so I can work as little, or as much, as I want to with no pressure and mom guilt!

Sticking With Routines

If there is one thing working in special education has taught me, it’s the importance of routines. Children do better when they know what is expected and know what is coming. Heck, even I do better when I’m in a routine! One of the major reasons I send my kids to daycare is to keep them in the same routine. Does this mean they’ll go every single day daycare is opened this summer? Absolutely not! We will take a family vacation. There will be days I want to keep them home to do something just for the three of us. Or days I keep one home to do something special. There will still be memories made while keeping both of my children in the routine we’ve established since starting daycare.

Filling Up My Cup

As you can tell from this being as far at the bottom of the list as it can be, one major reason to keep my kids in daycare is to give myself some time for myself! I tell everyone: Mom life ain’t easy! Within this last year, I switched jobs, had a baby, and dealt with extreme postpartum depression and anxiety that kept me away from the people and things I love. My youngest has had multiple rounds of illnesses and ear infections that required tubes and just days at home with a fussy baby, soccer practice for my oldest, planning and taking her to things while needing to find someone to watch my youngest, after school meetings, weekends filled catching up on work, I’m sure you get the list! Life is busy. Life is chaotic. I don’t think I even go to the bathroom alone most days.

I’m looking forward to taking a morning gym class. I can’t wait to not cancel those classes at night weekly from mom guilt of not being home with my babies when they’ve been with someone else all day. I’m excited to explore my old hobbies, and maybe even find some new ones along the way! I can’t wait to get to know myself, this new version of me who has two children now, and replenish my energy to be the best version of me.

Having children in daycare, like everything in life, is a season. This season will not last forever. Time is flying by! My baby and toddler won’t stay in daycare forever. I’m going to enjoy this season of life while I can, taking the time for myself to be the best I can be for the next season coming our way. Send your kids to daycare and take time for you, mama!



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