Daily Grind of Being a Mom

Is it just me or is everyone else constantly telling themselves that after we get through this week, things are going to calm down? Or the lie that goes something like, “The month of May is pretty busy, but June won’t be as bad.” Then June hits and you feel like you can’t come up for air. Like you got hit by 72 school buses? It’s me, hi, I’m the problem.

Lately, the burnout is unlike any other.

I definitely can’t be the only Mama out there feeling the daily grind of being a mom. The decision fatigue and mental load that we as moms take on is impressive. The never-ending cycle of coming up with dinner ideas when the kids will just refuse to eat. Or the “Oh crap, we need more size 2 diapers, but I’ll just squeeze him in the size 1s for the next few days.” And the “I really need to shower today” thoughts that get pushed to the next day because we run out of time to actually do one single tiny thing for ourselves.

Just yesterday, I realized the kid’s toothpaste was almost empty, which reminded me that I never called to reschedule their dentist appointment. I was secretly avoiding doing so because the last time we went it was so awful. Or how I never imagined the amount of time I would spend figuring out clothing for a child. Why are all of his pants fitting like capris when they fit perfectly last week? He will be out of that size by summer so I should size up so he gets another season out of them.

This reminds me, I should see if he has bathing suits that will fit him from last year. Or will he need the hand-me-downs from his brother? Now every single bin of clothing is taken out. The toddlers scream for freedom from trying on another shirt that is too tight. And this overstimulated mom can’t stop sweating.

I personally feel like no one warned me about
the daily grind of being a Mom.

Of course, we always knew what we thought we would have to do to keep our lives flowing and cute crumb-covered kiddos alive. But we didn’t actually know until that little bundle of yummy fresh smelling goodness was handed to us the day they were born. No one told me that showering peacefully would ever happen again as my once relaxing time washing my hair is now filled with mentally planning my next move, week, and month ahead in my brain.

But mamas you know what? We get it done. We always do. Even on the days that we think we can’t and we won’t, we just do. We do it with a smile on our face (mostly) and happy kiddos along the way.

Will the kids remember that our hair was dirty half the time? No, they won’t. But they will remember you and the effort and time you took in making it the best you possibly could. So yeah, maybe July will finally slow down for us, or something like that. Until then, this greasy messy bun Mama will be doing her best and that’s good enough for me.


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