Cell Phone Contract {Free Printable}


As we head back to school this fall, it is important to take the time to focus on cell phone safety. We created a Cell Phone Contract for both you and your student to go over and sign together. We understand that phones are important for many families for many different reasons. With that said, we want to provide a place for your family to come together and discuss rules regarding cell phone safety.

This is the perfect time to sit down with your student(s) and create boundaries. Phones have music, useful apps, and cameras that are all useful. But handing over a mini-computer that fits in a not-always-responsible young human being’s back pocket will send many parents into a panic. You may start asking questions like will they break it? Will they make the wrong choices when texting? What if they search the internet for inappropriate content?

If left without rules and boundaries – the answer to all the above questions is YES. Yes, they will make poor choices, but this is where the cell phone contract comes in!

Maybe you have little ones, and you aren’t even thinking about cell phone safety rules yet. Maybe you have pre-teens. Here is the thing even if they don’t have their own phone they use ours. It is never too early to discuss cell phone rules and boundaries with your kids to keep them safe.

We understand that your family may have different rules or safety guidelines so we have created an editable PDF that you can fill in.


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