Robin Darling

Robin Darling
Robin is the Director of Content at Central Mass Mom since early 2023. She grew up and currently resides in a small Central Mass town with her husband and their four children and three cats. She is a homeschooling mama to her 9-year-old twins, a 5-year-old, and a 2.5-year-old. Her husband always says she is the happiest when she is by the ocean and when her nose is in a good book. You can also find her behind the camera lens capturing photos, teaching women how to use makeup, working out at the gym, and coaching her children's sports teams.

Motherhood Loneliness – It Gets Better

Recently, a close friend and I were talking about the loneliness in motherhood. We talked about how some of our friendships changed when we brought our babies home and how isolating it can feel...
Family enjoying each others company and finding joy

Tips for Finding Joy This Holiday Season

I can’t be the only one that loves this season. The holiday gatherings, delicious food, and community can bring so much joy into our lives. On the flip side as parents, we can sometimes...
baby sitting celebrating her birthday as she turns one

All the Emotions as My Last Baby Turns One!

An open letter to my last baby: I never thought I would be here, especially after the years of infertility, but here we are.  Time has a way of hitting fast forward without you realizing...
couple embracing after pregnancy loss

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month – You Are Never Alone

To some, the month of October may just be another month of crisp air, falling leaves, apple picking, and PSLs. To others, it is a time to honor and remember the tiny footprints left...
mom walking with her four kids

Going From Three to Four Kids…They Told Me It Was Easy!

One of our contributors wrote an article recently about her experience going from one child to two, and it inspired me to share my experience going from three to four kids! Yes, I have four...

Life After I Beat Infertility

In honor of Infertility Awareness Week, I wanted to share a positive outcome of a decade of infertility. I am now a momma to four beautiful children all born from IVF. Infertility defined my...
mom with baby during a gentle c-section

What is a Gentle C-Section?

I had envisioned this miraculous drug-free birth for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be able to give birth to that 9lb baby with no drugs, but my body had other...
mom multitasking with kids, mom guilt

Letting Go of the Productivity Guilt

No matter what category of 'mom' you fall into, we all have an immense amount of responsibility, busy days, checklists, and I can guarantee some guilt towards not being able to fulfill all the...
woman sorting through old clothes trying to embody minimalism

Our Journey to Minimalism

With spring just around the corner, I figured it was a perfect time to share our journey to minimalism. By no means am I an expert in this area. I am learning as we...
Children's Books for Valentine's Day

Children’s Books for Valentine’s Day

One of my biggest priorities in raising my children was to instill a love for reading. I don't want it to seem like a chore. Instead, I want them to get excited about a...