My Summer Bucket List


I am creating our summer bucket list as the school year winds down. It is a list of activities to fill our summer months of June, July, and August. My summer bucket list will focus on four areas, and they are water activities, live music, playgrounds, and outings.

Summer Water Activities

These are a wonderful way to keep cool in the heat. We enjoy splashing at home with our water table, slip-and-slide, and blow-up pool. Water safety is important to our family, so our children will continue their swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School, where they started last year. We love the ratio of one teacher per four students!

We will practice at our town beach with their new water skills, and we also received a gift certificate to Breezy Picnic Grounds and Waterslides. So we will venture over to Douglas and use it this summer. Our children also want to try fishing, so we signed them up for a fishing event in our town.

Our final water activity on my summer bucket list will be visiting the sandcastles from the sandcastle contest at Revere Beach this summer. The designs are always AMAZING!

Music in the Summer

Music, especially live music, is a fun experience as a family. Our library usually has a Concerts in the Parks program where we can visit a different park each week and enjoy a picnic while the musicians play. Our town just released their Summer concert schedule, and I am sure that there will be a concert or two for us to enjoy. In the past summer, we enjoyed a jazz brunch at Reunion Tap & Table. Patriot Place and the Lilac Hedge Farm also have concerts throughout the summer, so I will be looking for those schedules in the coming weeks. I am looking forward to singing and dancing with my family!


These are a great option throughout the entire year. Some playgrounds are fenced-in and those are the ones that we frequent. The newly renovated Norcross Park in Grafton is one of our favorites. We also enjoy Dean Park in Shrewsbury, Blithewood Park in Worcester, Cushing Park in Framingham, and Lemansky Park in Auburn. These parks are clean, have parking lots, and have places to enjoy a picnic or a cool drink on a sweltering day.

Summer Outings

These can be brief, or a bit longer depending on naps. We will visit Tougas Family Farm for berry picking in June when it opens for the season and follow it up with baking pies! I remember how the pies smelled and tasted with freshly picked fruit – so good!

We have a membership to the EcoTarium that we will use throughout the summer. The science exhibits are well-organized and change frequently, so there is always something new to explore. We will also use our local library for museum passes to places like the New England Aquarium. We took our son when he was little and want our daughter to be able to see all the sea creatures that they have there.

We will also participate in the Summer Reading Program through our local library. We plan to continue bike riding and will go for a ride on the Minuteman Bike Path in Arlington. Lastly, we will bowl through the Kids Bowl Free program again. Last year, we ate, bowled, and listened to music, so it was a win with our family.

I hope that my summer bucket list inspires you to create a bucket list filled with fun for your family. Enjoy your Summer and make as many memories as possible!



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