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Motherhood is a Tapestry of Moments

How often do we hear polarizing views of motherhood? It's either portrayed as an incredibly tough challenge or an exclusively joyful experience? How many times did we hear each of these perspectives while we...
step motherhood

Riding the Waves of Becoming a Stepmother

When I first met my stepson, Michael, he was at the tail end of 10. His cheeks were pink and smooth and maybe even a little chubby, with the last remnants of babyhood. Michael’s...

How Motherhood Pushed Me to Get Sober

Mommy wine culture. Wine glasses marked “Mommy’s Little Helper,” champagne popped in the hospital for the person who just birthed, and alcohol Instagram accounts specifically marketed to moms as if there’s no way to...

My Child’s Autism Diagnosis Journey

Growing up I always had this image of what my life would be like as a mom, but no one could have prepared me for my first child's Autism diagnosis. Never mind the struggles...

Favorite Places to Visit in Spring in Central Mass

It is finally March, which means we're slowly creeping up on spring and all the beauty + fun that comes with it. And I am so looking forward to the flowers and trees blooming. I have...
women running helping each other stay safe and motivated

Tips to Stay Safe and Motivated This Running Season

It’s finally here! Temperatures are more consistently creeping into the 60s and we’re starting to shake off the winter glum. The days of being able to pop out for a quick jog or walk...
I reported sexual harassment

I Reported Sexual Harassment and Was Betrayed: A Letter to My Former Boss

Dear Ex-Boss, Mentor, Friend: I’m sure you’re surprised to hear from me. While I could say that I’m surprised to be writing, I guess that wouldn’t be the truth. As you can probably surmise thanks to...

It Was Not What I Expected: A Mother’s Journey Navigating Autism

Anticipating my first child was very exciting! He arrived late on a Saturday night and was very reluctant to leave my womb. Once he emerged, we were told he was healthy and now...
Transition to Motherhood | Central Mass Mom

No One Said Transitioning Into Motherhood Would Be So Hard

  There’s really no delicate way to put this. When you have your first baby, you wave goodbye to your former life. Gulp. But, hear me out... I’m going to wrap up my new-mama revelation...