Emily McDonald

Emily is originally from the MetroWest area but has been in Central Mass for about 15 years. She, first, was a dog mom who loved to travel with her fur babies before she met her husband. Then, she settled down in a nice farm town and added two children to her pack. She enjoys traveling with her family and has a wild hobby of collecting limited edition cloth diapers. She is a former pediatric sleep consultant, who still loves all things sleep, works as a paramedic, and has a crafting side hustle making custom clothes and bags.

School Year Sleep Routines

As we are all headed into a new school year, our kids will naturally experience a shift in their sleep routines. As much as I try to keep my kids on a good sleep...

Let Them Take The Day Off

"As women who were raised to act as if everything is fine while we're bleeding our guts out everywhere, we owe it to ourselves to perpetuate the self-care we slowly became aware of." -...

Edible Landscape: Learning Where Our Food Comes From

I am not an expert on plants or landscaping. This has just become a hobby and a way to learn how to create an edible landscape. It all started with small raised garden beds...

Finding Yourself in Parenthood

I think a lot of parents will agree that at some point during parenthood, they have a period where they lose their sense of self. Where you feel you become “just” mom, dad, bubba,...
Creating bug out bags for kids

Creating Bug Out Bags for Kids

I grew up in a first responder family. Not only did my dad work for a large local fire department and the state HazMat team but I had several relatives that were police and...
Infant crawling wearing just a cloth diaper, green with octopus pattern on it.

Why I Chose to Cloth Diaper

There are plenty of blogs out there that tell you all the pros and cons of cloth diapering. Some families choose to do so for financial reasons, or environmental concerns, or a combination of...
toddler standing in his crib, not sleeping because he is ready to drop naps

When Is It Time to Drop Naps?

The all important question. When is it time to drop naps? Is it time to drop THE nap? There is not a specific time or age that works for all kids. As with many things...
Daylight Savings Time - old fashioned alarm close surrounded by flowers

Daylight Savings Time is Coming, It’s Almost Time to Lose That Hour of Sleep

It’s that time of year again. The daylight savings time is coming, and that means hours are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to “spring ahead”. That precious hour of...
Child having a Night Terror

 Night Terrors Can Be Terrifying

It was one sweltering evening while we were visiting my dad in Vermont (yup it can get sweltering there). Both kids had skipped their naps and were exhausted. My youngest woke up a few...
I still haven't slept since the time change title and woman falling asleep at a desk next to an alarm clock

I Still Haven’t Slept a Full Night Since The Time Change

"I Still Haven't Slept a Full Night Since The Time Change". This is not only one of the biggest complaints for clients this time of year, it happens to my family too. Rolling the...